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Printing it yourself = easy.
9 May, 2006, 10:07 am
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The chapbook


Wil Wheaton, writer, actor, blogger, amongst others, has released a very limited edition of a chapbook, More Than This. He's printed 200 copies and is now selling the majority of them via his website through Paypal. And man, the chapbooks are selling like crazy but that's not the point.


The point is that Wil Wheaton's effort to publish something original all by himself clearly illustrates how easy and contemplating it now is to publish your own work (I'll use the term self-publishing in this post although some people might not really consider this as self-publishing per se). You have to put a lot of work and dedication in your manuscript, run to a good printing group, tell them how many copies you want to print and there you are: a published writer. You may even consider giving your book/chapbook its very own ISBN number (for Mauritian readers, visit this page for more info about how to get an ISBN number) as well.


The great thing about self-publishing is that it's really something personal, in a way. If you're self-publishing, forget about the money. Rather, think about that satisfaction of publishing your own words on paper. Distribute your self-published book/chapbook to your parents, relatives and friends and wait for their comments. They're all love it, obviously, and you'll be considered a writer. Try to distribute your book/chapbook to indie bookstores as well. They understand and love the concept of writing for the love of writing and just don't care about that other concept: writing for the economic benefits of the publisher.


If you're buying Wil's chapbook, take note that he'll sign it for you. Isn't that just too cool? And the foreword is written by his stepson. Can you see the love and dedication? Can you see the author-reader relationaship that simple doesn't really exist in mainstream publishing?


Go for it people, self-publishing is a really satisfying because, you're in control and because you know that you're loving every minute of it.


Khalil A.


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