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24 May, 2006, 5:47 pm
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James latest post at the So New Media (Publishing?) blog is one of the reasons why sky media exists in the first place.  His post deals with international (outiside US) submissions.  Obviously, given that SNM (let's stick with this) is based in the US, it's all too normal that they will concentrate more on US authors.

And then there's the marketing and promotion of the book which surely will prove to be hectic if ever the author is at the other side of the globe.

As a small press, we only have domestic distribution, and if the majority of an author's readership is going to be in their home country, that means they may be paying very well the cost of the book again in postage. We can discount books bought directly through our website but it never fails that international orders forget to add up postage properly through Paypal. So this whole difficulty presents itself, just another hurdle for a manuscript to overcome in the acceptance process.

The other difficulty lies in promotion. We can't support an international author the way we can those in the states. Because I lived in Germany for three years, I understand the EU and can semi work within it – but anywhere outside the reach of Ryan Air . . . it's almost an automatic no-go. So here comes the lingering guilt again.

You see the problem? It's US-only.  What about the other parts of the world? SNM can't do anything about it and we, non-Americans completely understand.  I mean, we wouldn't have been able to do anything about it either if we were in their place.  It's loads of money to promote a book, outside your own country.

That's why sky media has been created then: to be a voice for all you indie writers in another part of the world.  We're in Mauritius and we're proud.  And if we did it, you can as well, I'm sure.

What I would truly recommend is that people interested in the small press movement start an indie press in their own country. Digital printing is everywhere, and you can sell locally – probably much more than you could in the states, and no one would understand the nuances of local promotion better than you. A McDonald's salary could get you started, and I know there's a McDonald's near you no matter where you live. Yeah. Check it.

Email if you've got any questions.

James is offering some help as well, right? It's now or never people. 


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