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Update: The Clown’s Graveyard
23 May, 2006, 5:54 pm
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Ok, we're behind schedule.  We were supposed to release The Clown's Graveyard last week but as you might have noticed, we haven't.  We are actually still working on it and man, there are loads of great stuff coming up with this publication.

Trust us.

Clown photo 

Khalil A.


Possible photo cover
5 May, 2006, 4:41 pm
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Evil Lurks
Originally uploaded by boristheblade.

The Clown's Graveyard needs a cover and well, hopefully this above photo will make it till the end. I just emailed the artist to ask for permission to use the photo for our cover. Crossing fingers for the time being.

Actually we originally thought about another photo for the cover but with the release of The Clown's Graveyard scheduled in less than 2 weeks' time, and the "non-replies" of that artist, we had to give up and quickly look for something else.

And we think that this photo above fits in just right actually. Possibly catches the novel's soul better, as well!

Cover design is really cool but it's also associated with a lot of pressure. Obviously, a book is judged by its cover first and foremost, in particular if the author isn't too well known or is a newbie. Consequently, if the cover isn't attractive enough, well…

The cover design of The Clown's Graveyard is more or less ready and we're only awaiting permission from the artist (as I mentioned above). Maybe we should have first emailed and asked for permission to actually use the photo before investing time and energy in the cover design.  Indeed, if the artist doesn't grant us permission, we'll be in a bit of fix.  But, you know, we're really excited right now.

5 May, 2006, 12:00 pm
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For our very first post in sky media's blog, we could probably have copied everything from our About page, but then we thought it wouldn't be fair. Because, if you are visiting this blog, the probability that you were visiting our website some minutes ago is pretty high, isn't it? Meaning that you probably already know everything about us by now.

For now, be sure to check The Clown's Graveyard out. To be published in a week or so, now!

It's the start of something new. And we are really excited about it. This, I think is what we want to share with you by the means of this blog: our passion for publishing, our joy at witnessing an author's enthusiasm while working on his first book but first and foremost, our belief that everybody who has something great to say, must be heard.

Khalil A.